View Full Version : pac man

Billy Boy
12-Jan-07, 23:16
oohhhh the good old days of heading down to tilly's cafe in thurso at lunch time to spend ma dinner money on this very addictive game,

here's a link to have a try and see if it brings back some memories, the only thing with this game it makes me feel old :eek: [lol]


Cedric Farthsbottom III
13-Jan-07, 00:07
Hey Billy Boy,am I auld or did these machines when they first came out cost a shiny new 2p to play,I'm almost sure they did.Cheers for the memories anyway amigo:lol: :lol:

Billy Boy
13-Jan-07, 21:49
well cedric lol, i would have to say your auld because i'am sure it was ten pence when i was playing,so that must make you really auld [lol]