View Full Version : Primroses

12-Jan-07, 21:15
With all this about global warming, i have had primroses flower every day for 4 years, i have separtated them and they just seem to want to keep going, not that i am complaining lol do you think this maybe a record?

13-Jan-07, 00:47
I'm not having as much luck as you. Mine only seem to last a year but they are not wild ones, are yours? I think they need to be really hardy. Everything is coming so early though this year.

13-Jan-07, 01:05
Good question sweetpea, im not sure if they are the wild ones, some i took from the town when i moved to the country, and some i got in a pressie, where i live it is very dry ground, wether this has anything to do with it, i also have a bay tree, which is very difficult to grow in the open ground in caithness, mine is 3ft tall, and i dont shelter it in winter.