View Full Version : Pond Liner and Poly Tunnel

10-Jan-07, 21:03
:confused Can any kind soul help me in my search for a poly tunnel and a pond liner?
I would rather support the local economy if possible and avoid the big boys
Many thanks in anticipation xxxxx

10-Jan-07, 22:47
Hi I know you said you wanted to avaoid the big boys but one of the best polytunnels you can get is from Northern Polytunnels that are based in Colne in Lancashire, they are part of a horticultural suppliers called LBS who also do a very reasonable priced pond liner.
Im not sure but at one stage the crofters commision recommended only Northern Polytunnels and Macgregor tunnels as these were the only ones that had passed the structural engineers for the weather we have up here.
Hope this helps

21-Jan-07, 19:18
The garden centre in Castletown sells pond liners.