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11-Feb-01, 18:33
Is there anyone out there who may have info/be related to any of the following:

On 4th December 1835 Thomas Mowat, a farmer in Bilbster, Caithness married Catherine Thomson. On May 20th 1837 they had a baby boy James.

On 9th December 1864, James Mowat (aged 26), a fishcurer in Keiss married Catherine Lyall a domestic worker (aged 19) in Papiegoe.

Catherine's parents were David Lyall (farmer) and Margaret Sutherland. They were married in Watten on 18th March 1841.

James Mowat and Catherine Lyall had six children. Three sons were drowned at sea (I don&

James Mowat and Catherine Lyall owned fishing boats at Keiss. They lost all the boats in a storm and paid an insurance to the bereaved families, so his daughters (Margaret and Catherine) had to go to Edinburgh for work.

Does anything sound familiar? I'd love to hear from you at [email protected]

Bill Fernie
05-Mar-01, 02:51
Caithness.org is now running updates for this family history project at


Any additional information fiona gets willbe added to the listing to see if it ancourages others to add to it.