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18-Feb-05, 13:44
Hello. I'm searching for photos of my Caithness ancestors. Do any of the following people mean anything to anyone?

David Sutherland
christened: 30.9.1853, Dunnet, son of William Sutherland and Isobella Mowat
married: 17.6.1877, Castlegreen Manse, Thurso, to Christina/Christian Budge
married: 25.7.1890, The Manse, Wick, to Jessie McKay
died: 11.4.1917, 15 Miller's Lane, Thurso
occupation: carter

Christina/Christian Budge
born: 26.1.1857, Hill of Forss, Thurso, daughter of William Budge and Margaret Sutherland
died: 5.10.1889, Couper Street, Thurso

William Sutherland
born: 25.8.1809 (age varies on later docs.), Scarfskerry or Ratter, Dunnet, son of Alexander Sutherland, farmer, and Margaret Rosie (surname sometimes misspelled)
married: 19.6.1835, Dunnet (to Isobel Mowat), and/or 10.7.1835, Bower (to Bel Mowat)
died: 14.9.1874, Scarfskerry, Dunnet
occupation: fisherman (1841); ag lab and crofter (1851); pauper, formerly labourer, (1874)

"Isabella" Mowat
[Precise birth/chr details unknown or unclear]
born: c1805, Canisbay, daughter of John Mowat, crofter, and Margaret Sutherland
died: 13.7.1890, Scarfskerry, Dunnet

William Budge
born: 6.6.1830, Weydale, Thurso, son of Donald Budge (c1785-1869), farmer, of Halkirk, and Margaret "Henderson" (late 1790s-1864)
christened: 23.8.1830, Thurso
married: 3.3.1849, Thurso, to Margaret Sutherland, of Halkirk
died: 20.3.1901, Hill of Forss, Thurso
occupation: day labourer (1851); farmer (1857-1901); farmer, 270 acres, 24 arable, (1871)

Margaret Sutherland
born: c1827, Heathfield or Halkirk
chr: 15.11.1827? Thurso? daughter of William Sutherland, flesher, and Christian Henderson or Meiklejohn
died: 18.6.1914, 8 Campbell Street, Thurso

Any help or advice very much appreciated. If you notice any errors in the above, please let me know.