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Humerous Vegetable
10-Jan-07, 17:55
Have you tried tree-guards? They are kind of plastic tubes which protect the stem from deer and rabbit WMD. Available from (among others) http://www.haxnicks.co.uk

10-Jan-07, 18:34
Tree Guards are the most common answer, for new saplings use about a three foot tree guard or more, make sure they are opaque so the saplings are getting generous light. These also assist in speed of growth because light is always brighter at the top so young trees reach for it. Once they grow up out of the tree guard, there is not much to stop deer other than fencing to stop them getting into the area. An alternative would be to put something that makes a noise around them to keep deer away, some kind of kids windmills set up to tick on a piece of wood or plastic streamers or maybe even deer whistles pointing at the wind, i know you can buy those things for mounting on your car they are supposed to scare deer with a high pitched whine thats inaudible to most people.

27-Jan-07, 23:35
I always have my dogs with me when I am in the garden. I like to think that their smells (they sure do!) keep things away a little bit. This has never worked against the fox for my chickens though. I slept in a sleeping bag next to the hutch the night after the last strike. I sure gave Mr Fox a fright on his return or was it the fact I put up an electric fence? No reason one could not be put up to protect saplings of course. Human urine is supposed to put off many animals. Or am I gullible?

28-Jan-07, 12:45
thanks folks. I've decided I'll give the tubex easywrap things a try. wish me luck. the noise maker scarecrow idea sounds good. if this experiment doesn't work that'll be me out with the post hole digger and fencing.

These are proof against rabbits - you must put a bamboo stick as well (some people attach this to the outside of the tube, but I find it easier to wrap the tube around the stick and the little tree. They expand easily. They are no good against sheep, who nibble the tops and break the sticks.