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The Angel Of Death
02-Jan-07, 19:09
Has anyone seen a large, ginger and white male cat. He has gone missing from cairndhuna terrace and he answers to the name of ringo. he does not go out very often so he may have wandered off andc ant find his way back home.

02-Jan-07, 20:22
Oh No Poor wee Ringo hope he comes home safely too you. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/dpwells/Animations/Animals/Cats/cat34655.gif

The Angel Of Death
02-Jan-07, 20:59
Here is a picture of him as well incase anyone has seen him


02-Jan-07, 23:15
So sorry that Ringo is missing. :( What a beautiful cat! He looks like my cat Charly.
Could he have been scared by fireworks?

Have you checked all outbuildings in your area to make sure he isn't shut in somewhere as this is what happens to most missing cats.

Also contact the SSPCA, Vet Surgery, Caithness FM and put posters up in your area.
If you go to www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk you can email a pic and we will put it on the website.

Really hope he comes home soon!

02-Jan-07, 23:32
Really sorry to hear that Ringo is missing. I've taken the liberty of putting his details on the Cats Protection website - hope you don't mind.

Hope you hear some good news soon.

The Angel Of Death
02-Jan-07, 23:42
Fingers crossed will let you all know if there is any change

03-Jan-07, 00:38
We live on cairndhuna and we will keep an eye out for ringo. Am sure i have seen him before in ma garden Probably got frightened by the dogs that have moved in and they chase my cat who now refuses to go out the back at all. Hope to hear that he has come home.justine

The Angel Of Death
03-Jan-07, 16:43
Well he has been spotted around the garden center area so atleast we know he is still on the go if it was him

03-Jan-07, 18:40
I definately seen him, he chases ma cat back through the cat flap, so he still wondering from the garden centre to here. Has he been done coz i know they got a couple of females on the prowl over there and it aint unusual for toms to go missing for days on ends.Will keep eye for him though.

The Angel Of Death
03-Jan-07, 20:02
Yea he has been done (2 stone lighter)

What time ish did you see him ??? because we was looking for him and aint seen any sign of him

Normally (that were aware of) he isnt one for fighting wife says he is more of a lover !!!

The Angel Of Death
05-Jan-07, 10:55
Time for an update

Ringo decided to come home this morning he was sitting on the window sill bold as brass slightly wet though but very clean for 3 days outside

By the sound of it he was either taken in or been stuck inside for a few days but is no worse for ware

Thanks for all who kept an eye out for him

05-Jan-07, 12:02
Glad to hear that Ringo is home safely.

05-Jan-07, 16:09
glad ta hear cat is back x

05-Jan-07, 19:30
Delighted to hear that Ringo is home!

Hope you have given him a good talking to!:lol:

The Angel Of Death
05-Jan-07, 19:32
Wife says he is grounded and will be lucky to see outside for a long time ;)