View Full Version : Stud required

30-Dec-06, 18:36
I am looking for a stud for a pedigree yorkshire terrier.
Please send me a pm if you can help.

30-Dec-06, 18:53
Oh dear, I fear you are going to get many replies to this one :lol:
Not many will be for a partner for your wee doggie though :lol:

Perhaps you ought to have put this in the pets section? A error I learnt while advertising my dane doggie as stud.
I shall watch with interest, and dare I say it, amusement!

Good Luck though!

percy toboggan
30-Dec-06, 19:18
Darn, when I saw this I thought I'd found one way of getting up to Caithness which I had not considered. Strangely, Mrs Toboggan dismissed the notion out of hand.
Such is life.