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11-Feb-05, 10:06
I'm a descendant of a Nicolson family originating in Keiss (my Dad's grandfather was there). Does anyone know of a family in that area of that name?

colin nicolson
16-Feb-05, 13:27
Nic, my family of Nicolsons come from there. I will check on my home computer and let you know. What was your dad's grandfather called and roughly when did he die.

Colin Nicolson

16-Feb-05, 22:37
According to my father, who is now living in Edinburgh, aged 74...

My dad's gradfather was Alexander Nicolson, from Keiss, who married Elizabeth Groat.

Apparently Elizabeth was the eldest Groat and direct inheritor of the Jan de Groot estate i.e. John O' Groats, but one of the men in the family, a brother or uncle was entirely disinterested in this estate i.e. wealth, and instead devoted all his ambitions to his Christian faith. This man was either a farmer or a tailor.

Alexander's daughter (Elizabeth Shearer Nicolson) married my dad's father James Irvine, originally from Aberdeen, though they met while working at a shipyard on the Clyde. James was working as an Iron Driller (manually drilling rivet holes) on the Mauretania, sister ship to the Lucitania.

I have no idea about dates... will try to learn more.

colin nicolson
17-Feb-05, 08:47
Nic, thanks for the info. Its interesting as I too come from Edinburgh, but now live in Helensburgh. I will look at my file tonight and let you know tomorrow if I find anything.


17-Feb-05, 18:07
I found an Alexander Nicolson here:
born 31st July 1828. No spouses or children mentioned.

If I theorise that he is my dad's grandfather, that means he was 102 years old when my dad was born so that does not look quite right. Could he have been the father of Elizabeth Shearer Nicolson? Or her grandfather?

His Father was also called Alexander Nicolson married to Janet Sinclair - and her mother was Janet Shearer.

This could be a valid link, in that that my dad's mum, Elizabeth Shearer Nicolson, may have been Janet Shearer's great granddaughter (hence the Shearer middle name).

18-Feb-05, 18:49
What I said in the last message was not correct, though something might emerge from it.

My dad's grandfather, Alexander Nicolson was born May 19th 1862 at Keiss, Wick, and died aged 63 in Edinburgh, Feb 28th 1926.

He was the son of David Nicolson, married to Anne Nicolson, nee Shearer.

Anyone yet know if there are Nicolsons remaining in the Keiss area?

18-Feb-05, 19:15
hey i am a Nicolson and I live in Keiss! I wont know a lot about this seeing as I am only 16

colin nicolson
01-Mar-05, 14:26
Nic, sorry for the delay, managed at last to look at my family tree. Been really busy with Royal Navy Warships just recently.
Unfortunately, I cannot match the names and places you were enquiring about. Some of the names are similar, but from a different part of Caithness.


03-Mar-05, 14:13
The good news is I was in Keiss last week and I believe I found my great great grandfather's grave (David married to Ann).