View Full Version : Our Christmas Eve Chaotic Walk Caught on Video

28-Dec-06, 00:02
My parents came to stay with us for Christmas with their Lab Nell, we decided to go for a relaxing christmas eve stroll with my dog too, the dogs had to be on longlines due to the sheep (dogs aren't used to the sheep yet) and this is what happened:lol:

Hope this is ok to post mods?


28-Dec-06, 02:19
Great video wish, what fun the dogs were having, you and your family too, very funny and enjoyable to watch, thanks for sharing it.

28-Dec-06, 17:02
It looks like you had loads of fun:lol:
Think the dogs enjoyed there walk too;)

28-Dec-06, 19:12
Needed the laugh!

Thanks ever so much for sharing it.:lol:

29-Dec-06, 04:26
Those long leads looked like they were so tangles that it would take days to unravel, but a few bounces the other way and they were all free. Amazing!
I was giggling away and had to show Dave what I was laughing at. Thanks for sharing that.