View Full Version : Missing - Male Tabby - Janetstown/Hill Of Forss

Bill Fernie
24-Dec-06, 18:22
Cat Missing from Janetstown/Hill of Forss Area - 3 Year Old Tabby (See
Picture http://www.caithness.org/petscorner/photogallery/index.php?gallery=1&image=13 )

He has been missing since about 3 weeks. He is known for wandering but not normally this long. He tends to head over the fields towards Thurso Golf
Course area (we think) so he may have gone as far as Ormlie direction.

If anyone has any information can you please e-mail [email protected]
or phone 01847 893466.

25-Dec-06, 11:17
Thanks Bill for posting this for me.
I now have access and please ask anyone to let me know if they have seen him and to check garages & sheds.
I have had one reply and they think they might have seen him in the John Kennedy Drive/Rendal Govan Road Area.
Unfortunately he does not have a collar but I do have him chipped.
Waiting patiently ............................

25-Dec-06, 14:02
Really hope you find him soon and that the sighting was of him.

I know how worried you must be!:(

Have you contacted Caithness FM, the SSPCA and Vet surgery?
I have taken a note at Caithness Cats Protection.

Also it would be worth displaying posters as the more people who know he is missing the better.

19-Jan-07, 18:28
Just wanted to take this back to the top of the forum just incase anyone has missed it.

Nemo is still missing and thats been nearly 2 months.
Unfortunately it wasn't him that was seen in John Kennedy Drive.

If you have seen him around please let me know.