View Full Version : frosty for bunnies

21-Dec-06, 16:13
I was just out checking them, hope they will be ok in these frosts. They seem ok so far but maybe I should give them more blankets or something. Usually they would be in a shed. Any else with bunnies in the pet corner?

21-Dec-06, 16:27
Hi Sweetpea. I also have rabbits. I have 3 outdoors and 1 in the shed. One of mine is hopefully having her first litter any day now, and I have been told that they will be perfectly okay outdoors. Mine are fur rabbits, and are okay in the cold. What about yours?

22-Dec-06, 10:05
Got my first litter of 5 baby rabbits this morning, and they are all okay. Feeling rather pleased with myself, and so is the proud mum. Looking forward to watching them growing and changing.

22-Dec-06, 13:09
rabbits are fine out in the cold as long as thats what theyre used to. if they have been indoors all their lives they won't have the thick coat for being in the cold. i usually give my bunnies lots of extra hay in their bedrooms to keep some cold air out. they have been out all year round all their lives. i've got week old babies in an outside hutch and theyre great. you can get hutch covers which go over the front of the hutch