View Full Version : Ormlie Road Thurso, dead cat :-(

20-Dec-06, 17:33
Was getting a lift home just now and we had to swerve to avoid a cat lying on the road, we did stop but the wee thing was dead already, we took it to the vet, not knowing what else to do with it, didny want to just toss it to the side o the road. Knocked on a couple of doors, but no one knows where the cat is from. Twas a ginger and white shorthaired cat.
Sorry if it was yours.

(wed 20th dec, approx 1620 hrs)

20-Dec-06, 21:48
Hey Jings

Was it up towards the mart? know there's a ginger & white cat from your street, your neighbours I think, and it often passes through our garden and heads towards the Mart

21-Dec-06, 16:30
heckers aye, it was just up by the mart, i seen the black and white cat and a ginger and white cat playin last night before i went out, so couldny have been theirs.