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19-Dec-06, 21:44
I planted snowdrops last year and they came up ok but I guess I planted them kind of sparsely. Does anyone know if the bulbs multiply underground, and each year there are more and more snowdrops? I'd like to have a nice thick patch of them, they are so beautiful.

19-Dec-06, 22:54
snowdrops should multiply each year, and may need dividing up after a few years. Snowdrops should be planted 'in the green' ie just after flowering tp give them the best start. They tend to be cheaper to buy that way, as the bags of 10 or 20 sold in the autumn are quite expensive.

20-Dec-06, 19:24
Thanks for info, Scunner. Yeah, mine are sparse because they were expensive LOL. I'll look for them 'in the green' and fill in the gaps, then let nature take its course. Prob check if any friends or neighbors are dividing theirs up.

11-Jan-07, 12:55
just received catalogue for snowdrops 'in the green'. Prices upwards from 35 for 500 and 65 for 1000 for singles.

pm me if you would like the www address.