View Full Version : Dunbeath Mains in Latheron 1871 Census district?

16-Jun-02, 14:13
I have gotten in the LDS film of the 1871 Census covering Latheron, but at the end it says "To be Continued" and I cannot find the township of Dunbeath Mains. Have I just missed it, or is it in a different film?

I am searching for the family of James and Janet Young who lived there at the time. I wish to know which children were still living with them at that time. James Young was my great great grandfather. His daughters married into Sutherland, Sinclair , and McWhirter families.
Can anybody help she dsome light?

16-Jun-02, 16:04
Dunbeath Mains should be somewhere in Latheron District. The North Highland Archive, Sinclair Terrace,Wick, hold copies of the '71 Census on Microfiche and are very helpful with any queries. I do not know if they are on the net but Fax Number is 01955 603000.

20-Jun-02, 09:08
I had another look at the 1871 Census and found what I wanted to know. My great grandfather - Thomas Young was still living with his father (James Young) amd stepmother (Janet Young), and aged 25. He must have left for Australia not long after. :D