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14-Dec-06, 19:11
my lionhead had 4 babies today. even though ive seen loads of bunny births i still get excited about new ones. they're so cute, such tiny little things. and they grow so fast its amazing. and isn't it wonderful how the mother cares for them. i saw the mother feeding her babies today it was so cute. i even had a bunny who adopted two wild ones before and she made them her own.
awww i better stop now i could go on all day:)

16-Dec-06, 12:51
Thats nice. I'm hoping that my rabbit will have babies any day now. Watching and waiting to see what happens.

16-Dec-06, 18:21
aw, i bet you're excited what kinda bunny is it? my ones are so active now they make lots of noise and are really growing.

18-Dec-06, 09:13
She is a Blue Fox, and is very cute and cuddly.

Yes I am very excited and anxious at the same time.

18-Dec-06, 13:13
beautiful! i was worried for some reason before my bunny had her babies then everything turned out ok. she has been know to be a bad mum so i have to check the babies regularly but they're doing great. is this your bunnies first litter? i love watching them grow the changes are so fast you can tell the difference the next day. its a wonderful thing:)

19-Dec-06, 00:31
Yes this is her first litter and mine too!! lol

22-Dec-06, 10:07
Got my first litter of 5 baby rabbits this morning, and they are all okay. I don't know who is the proudest, me, or the proud mum. Looking forward to watching them grow.

22-Dec-06, 13:12
aww. so cute. they'll grow really fast by tomorrow you'll notice a difference. and with in a few days they'll have thier fur. mine were a week old yesterday, so big now and really active and the mother is really caring for them. hope yours are fine. what colour are they?

22-Dec-06, 18:45
Not sure yet. Will hopefully get a better look at them tomorrow.