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10-Mar-01, 00:52
I am trying to trace my family history.

My paternal grandfather, Alexander George Cowper Macintosh (note different spelling) was born on 4 May 1879. According to his birth cert, (difficult to read) he was born at Lom'sburgh, Wick. Can anyone help with this location?

His parents were a Kenneth Macintosh and an Isabella Cowper who were married in Aberdeen in 1878. No further information.

Siblings were Kenny, Dan, Frank, Bella, Ewen, and Duncan.

Isabella Cowper died at a young age and the children were apparently placed in an Orphanage at Aberlour.

My grandfather subsequently settled in the Angus area.

Any information would be of assistance.

11-Mar-01, 12:40

I think it would be Louisburgh, not Lomsburgh. Louisburgh was the area behind and to the west of High Street.

11-Mar-01, 12:47
According to the 1881 census this family were living in Louisburgh Road where Kenneth was a sawmiller. Kenneth was age 30 and born in Grantown, Elgin. Isabella age 27, born in Nairn. Children Kenneth age 3 born Aberdeen, Alexander G C age 1 born in Wick and Duncan D age 2 months also born Wick. The name is spelt McIntosh on the census.

Hope this helps

12-Mar-01, 22:53
Extremely helpful

Thanks very much Kathy