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11-Dec-06, 21:07
When is the correct time to cut the grass again, I was told march but my father always waited to April. I know its not important right now but I was talking about it with one of my friends the other day & would like a second opinion

11-Dec-06, 21:09
Well i wait until April mamabear.:D

ice box
13-Dec-06, 19:38
It's was only the other day i saw someone cutting there grass in wick in December had to look twice as i thought i was seeing things .

13-Dec-06, 22:37
I normally cut my grass every june, sometimes it gets a second cut in august but not very often. I dont like to disturb the frogs that live in my grass :D

14-Dec-06, 02:33
Wait untill all chance of frost is gone, then simply do it when it is long enough to need it but not before.

Grass is one of those plants that the more you cut it the stronger it gets and the more it grows.

Hope this helps:D

14-Dec-06, 13:15
Thanks for the help everybody, I wish I had concrete now, low maintenance & all that.