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20-May-02, 14:46
Before going to St Trostans I contacted the people who have the farm - the lady is an old family friend. Anyway I will have a look & if nothing else get you some photographs.
Surprisingly two 'wifies' from across the pond were enquiring about this cemetary a couple of years ago & they stayed with a Mrs Waters at Harpsdale. Next I will check out all the local pubs and nitespots to see if there is any good gossip about these wifies. :lol: .Should get up there within the next two weeks.

20-May-02, 15:18

Funny that you should have heard about the two wifies...we heard about them too, and that they were very nice, congenial, nice wifies. I'll be interested to know what else you find out about them. And THANK YOU for checking out St Trostans for us, any information or photos are appreciated.


20-May-02, 18:17
Hi Davie, Wow, what a small world it is LOL
I also heard of those wifies, that they were dear girls really, so intelligent and so amusing. Would love to meet up with them. Thanks for your help. -Helen

20-May-02, 18:50
Hey girlies was these two wifies actually yourselves? Not the same reputation as you have in Helmsdale then?

21-May-02, 20:58
Davie, dont bother to check out the Ulbster Arms in Halkirk, I'm sure they would never never go into the Angler's Nook. But rumors abound that they were seen racing a red car towards "the fleshpots of Thurso" by two English fishermen up to their waists in the River Thurso.

We also heard that they were tracked down to Mrs. Waters' place, by tracing a phone call made from a friend's cell phone. Small county, eh?

13-Jun-02, 19:56
Helen/Sassy - I had to cancel the trip North planned for earlier this week. I WILL go to St Trostans another day and I suppose if your Donald Stewart has been there all this time he wont wander away in the meantime.

13-Jun-02, 20:44
Aye davie, i think he has a 100 pound stone over him, he won't wander far LOL I dont have a precise date of death for him, he simply disappears from the census between 1841 and 1851. He most likely died between 1847-51, because his last child (Donaldina) was born approx 1848. I would imagine his wife Janet Mackay Stewart is buried near him, she died in Jan of 1861.

Hope you are feeling better. Best to you, Helen

08-Feb-03, 16:46
Hi Davie,
Any more info on St. Trostan's? My sis and I are willing to bring gardening gear to clear the moss from gravestones...you just let us know where. :cool: Helen

23-Mar-05, 06:22
Well- I was just at the library today reading the caithness monumental inscriptions and I am sure that I saw them listed ....... I want to say Vol 2 - but I don't honestly recall...

I was looking for Stewarts because my gr gr gr gr gr gr grandmother was Elizabeth Stewart of Watten - born 1772, married Marcus Gunn, sister to Lt Col William Stewart who ended up Gov of NSW - any connections? I do have most of her siblings and her parents were William Stewart and Elizabeth Horne - who i find married to two different Stewarts and having children that seem to be raised together... and find a do have a few questions....


01-May-07, 00:00
Hi tommy, hope you are still around. I am trying to trace the family of Magdalina Stewart, born about 1816 and christened 28 feb 1816, Thurso, Caithness.

Her Parents were John Stewart and Janet Macdonald.

Would be interested to know if John Stewart was Elizabeths brother. Magdalina had a son William Stewart James Horne Munro so indicates a link with Willaim Stewart and Elizabeth Horne.

Older Family members believes there is a link with Lt Col William Stewart.
in NSW

Any help appreciated