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06-Dec-06, 13:46
Goofy, Pluto and Mickey Mouse
somebody has probably pointed this out before, either on here or somewhere within the annals of tim but anyway...

Mickey Mouse has a pet dog called pluto. pluto wears a dog collar and is subordinate to mickey. mickey has a friend called goofy. goofy is a dog, like pluto, but has what would seem to be a relationship of equals with mickey. admittedly mickey seems to be a bit smarter than goofy and seems more loved and respected than goofy (not to mention being shacked up with a quality piece of tail) but nonetheless they would appear to be equals under the consitution of disneyland. this puzzles me

is pluto a slave? a stray dog that needs cared for? a dog criminal?

can someone please enlighten me?

06-Dec-06, 14:29
WBB you truly need to get out more :)

06-Dec-06, 15:32
WBB you truly need to get out more :)

Come round here & watch wee bear for me & I shall,