View Full Version : New trees arriving soon!

04-Dec-06, 19:46
:) We have got baby Nordman firs arriving this week to plant along the border of our property. Can anyone give us any tips on what to do to ensure their survival? Any special fertiliser required? Is it really necessary to water them loads for them to survive? Farmers seem to plant trees on their farms and ignore them yet they survive. Any help appreciated.

05-Dec-06, 21:57
Don't know but I'd like some advice as well. I've been offered fruit trees, I think plums, apples etc. Can I plant them now or should I leave them in pots until spring?

Humerous Vegetable
06-Dec-06, 14:58
I think you can plant bare-root trees any time over the winter while they are dormant, so long as the ground isn't waterlogged or frozen. You'll probably have to stake them really well though. I planted step-over apple trees in December a couple of years ago and gave them a feed in March, they've done really well in a very windy spot.