View Full Version : what is causing my dog to cough up blood

02-Dec-06, 17:27
my 6yrs old dog is coughing up blood been to the vets. have had blood tests done not his kidneys,liver or diabetic. now on waiting game till monday for next tests to be done

02-Dec-06, 17:30
oh no i am sorry to hear that... hope he aint eaten nothing horrid. oh heres to you all will be ok ... xxx bhfuil xxx

02-Dec-06, 17:33
have to come up to caithness tomorrow not looking forward to the journey with being sick but i'll just have to stop every now and again for him

02-Dec-06, 18:01
He hasn't managed to swallow a chicken bone has he?

02-Dec-06, 18:07
no he dosen't get them. found a sweetie with a bit of glass in it , just inside garden gate now wondering if he tried to eat it and has cut his throat linings

02-Dec-06, 18:18
good lord I hope it wasn't put there deliberately :(

02-Dec-06, 18:29
Have you had the vet do x-rays because if there is a chance he has swallowed glass then it could be doing terrible damage inside, I would be going straight back to the vet.

02-Dec-06, 19:15
yep x-rays have been done. had alot of problems with party animals just now constantly clearing garden of beer bottles etc

02-Dec-06, 19:52
I hope you find out soon what is causing the problem.:D

03-Dec-06, 14:51
I was thinking the same as Unicorn in that he could have swallowed something like a chicken bone but it does sound like he may have swallowed glass!!:eek:

Is he able to eat at all? Does he have any other symptoms?

Really hope you find out what is causing this and get him well soon.

03-Dec-06, 16:40
good news today he has stopped being sick so no blood today he is eating but not his usual ammount

03-Dec-06, 18:15
I am so glad that he seems better today but definately keep a good close eye on him to make sure he is over the worst :)

03-Dec-06, 19:17
That is good news!

Perhaps he burst a blood vessel through wretching so let's hope he is over the worst and makes a full and speedy recovery.

It is a good sign that he is eating and small amounts will be best anyway.

03-Dec-06, 19:18
bhfuil deqoricht xxx ( glad he feeling better ) give him a big hug from me x

05-Dec-06, 16:38
good news hes on the mend it was the sweetie with glass that caused the problem he had cut the side of his throat. he now goes out in the back garden only

05-Dec-06, 17:19
Glad your dog's getting better .I do hope the glass attached itself to the sweetie:eek: .
Good idea just to let them out the back just in case.

05-Dec-06, 18:35
good news hes on the mend it was the sweetie with glass that caused the problem he had cut the side of his throat. he now goes out in the back garden only

So glad that he is on the mend and that you found out the cause.
Such a shame that idiots would leave a sweetie with glass lying around![mad]

My dog Benjy is a bit of a scrounger when he goes out for a walk so have to be very careful in case he picks up something he shouldn't!