View Full Version : Marine aquarium

30-Nov-06, 20:35
Hiya, does anyone keep marine fish, if so do you have a RO system, do you get RO water from a local source or do you just use tap water.



02-Dec-06, 22:18
Come on orgers, surely someone in Caithness has an interest in marine or reef keeping, getting desperate here:D

03-Dec-06, 20:59
I had a rockpool tank, i just collected sea water in 5 gallon camping water containers, one container change twice a week, it took 6 containers to fill the tank, but it was just a cold water thing, and no idea what RO stands for lol.
i never collected the water from where fresh was mixed, i used either Castletown Harbour, Scrabster Yacht Club ramp or Dwarwick Pier.

04-Dec-06, 19:21
Thanks for that Tuggs. I have decided to play on the safe side and have got a Reverse Osmosis unit from ebay.