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26-Nov-06, 04:51
I've set up a "sticky" with a few useful links for the Pets Corner forum. Otherwise the very useful info you are posting here is going to drop down & disappear.

I've locked the thread, so that only I can access it - the links will appear in alphabetical order.

If anyone wishes a link added, please post here, in the Pets Corner :- "Please add to links ....."

I'm not on duty 24/7 here at Caithness.org - the Mod payscale is rubbish - please be patient - but I will try to add your link asap......

26-Nov-06, 15:20
Thanks for that Moira. Much appreciated. here are a few more.
this one tells you about your rabbits body language Excellent site http://www.muridae.com/rabbits/rabbittalk.html
This is an excellent site for ragdoll cat owners http://www.ukrcc.co.uk/index.shtml
SSPCA Balmore Details also

26-Nov-06, 19:16
Yes thanks Moira. That is a great help!

Do you think it would also be possible to list phone no's for helplines and maybe the Dog Warden and Vet Surgeries etc so people can have them all to hand?

27-Nov-06, 23:36
Local Vets numbers added.

Thanks Carasmam & Krieve - Dog Warden's number now on too