View Full Version : Pesky lil' mice!

Mother Bear
25-Nov-06, 13:31
Recently I enjoyed planting up 4 small tubs with spring bulbs and could envisage the splash of colour it would bring to the garden after the winter.
I placed them in the garden against a wall, protected from the harsh Caithness winds. Seems the wind is not the problem...the mice soon discovered the lush bulbs, and began to dig for 'treasures' in the tubs! SO....I moved the tubs and put them in the greenhouse, up on the bench, not on the floor. Imagine my horror to find the mice had traced the tubs into the greenhouse, and continued to dig for a feast! What to do next..? I had some fine plastic netting which I put taughtly over each tub, then covered with a layer of chicken wire..ok I know the mice could get thro that , but thought the finer netting underneath would deter them.Plus it was all I had to hand at the time. But no! To my disbelief they chewed thro the chicken wire, and the netting to get in the tub! I'm wondering if there will be any bulbs left to salvage soon, for the spring. Can't think where else to put them? Hanging baskets would seek a good idea, but I bet the little gymnasts would even climb up there.....they seem that determined to ruin my spring display! Oh well...maybe I'll have to buy some ready grown tubs from Homebase come the spring...what a shame!

Humerous Vegetable
25-Nov-06, 14:35
I had that problem last year; I sprinkled some cat-deterrent crystals I had lying around over the soil and covered it with quite a thick layer of gravel. The bulbs came through okay in the spring.