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24-Nov-06, 12:27
Chester Sangster,
The Caithness gangster,
Gained a reputation
as a bit of a prankster.

While living in France,
visiting Moira Lister,
He pickled the hamster
of Valerie, her sister.

His rival in Rumster
(A terrible mobster)
Tripped over a rooster
while being chased by a lobster.

He dropped his half eaten ginster
onto a holiday poster,
spilled his beer and beans
all over his coaster.

'I'll get you back,
you horrible little boaster!
Come over here now
so I can stick your nose in a toaster!'

Chester laughed out loud
'I'll see you first in Mybster,
wrapped in a shroud,
or in Lybster, if you can't stand the crowd!'.