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23-Nov-06, 21:08
Do you have pet insurance and do you think it is good value for money? Have you made a claim and how easy was it? Which company do you use?

23-Nov-06, 22:25
We dont have any but would recommend any new owner gets some.Its cost us a fortune in dental vet bills.:~(

23-Nov-06, 22:46
A bit of advice to watch out for, when you buy a pet from a breeder etc with 6 weeks free insurance you are not covered for the 1st 2 weeks that you have the animal. I only discovered that the other day so I am glad I had no problems in the first 2 weeks.

23-Nov-06, 23:45
I have my dog Benjy insured with Petplan (after a lot of research I decided they were best) and am glad I did as when he was just under two he jumped up at the door landed awkwardly and badly damaged his hock.

Because he was insured the Vet thought it would be best if he was operated on by an orthopaedic surgeon in Fife.

The total cost came to 3,000 so am definitely glad I got him insured and, am pleased to say, he made a full recovery.

I would like to get the cats insured as well but,sadly, it would be too expensive to insure them and Benjy.

The funny thing I was thinking of cancelling it only days before Benjy had his accident!:eek:

23-Nov-06, 23:50
After going through a nightmare with my boxer until her food allergy was diagnosed I never before had wished so much that I had gotten insurance so needless to say when the kitten came home I immediately continued the cover, at least if you insure them young you can continue it into old age once a condition has been diagnosed you can forget getting insurance.

24-Nov-06, 01:17
I have my English Springer insured with Petplan as well; very glad I did so as soon as I got him at eight weeks as he has needed a bit of attention from the vet. He too was referred to the surgeon in Fife but luckily doesn't need an operation yet. We have to keep an eye on one of his hips as he has the tendency towards dysplasia.

24-Nov-06, 10:01
I don't have pet insurance and neither do any of my family. I am on the understanding that insurance doesn't cover general things and I just keep my fingers crossed that nothing serious happens. All my dog has ever needed was his due/jew claws removed, worm tablets (but I now buy the pedigree ones as they are like treats) and his claws clipped.

My cat only ever cost me to get neutered and her injections, worm tablets and a course of tablets when she fell from a tree. Now she lives with my neighbour and they pay all her vet bills.

24-Nov-06, 10:07
I don't know how good it would have been but I know when my boxer had her problems at her worst I would have paid a minimum of 1000 before we got anywhere with her treatment but I do know you have to read the smallprint carefully before taking the insurance to be sure it covers what you need.

24-Nov-06, 10:44
I just had a quick squint on petplan and to insure my dog would be between 14 & 27 a month - and if I was going to do it, I would probably have gone for the 27 option. This means I would be paying over 300 a year. I have had my dog for 5 years and by not taking insurance, I have saved myself 1624 - you'd be lucky if I've spent 124 on vets bills and I wouldn't have had anything from the insurance as it has a 65 excess. For me, it has benefitted me not to have insurance, although I appreciate that things could've been a lot different if something had happened to him.

However, in 5 years if something did happen and he cost me 3000 in bills, I am still no worse off. For now, I think I'll just keep my fingers crossed that he stays healthy :)

24-Nov-06, 19:19
That's what I do with everything else, henry20! I just don't believe in taking all the insurance policies we are offered with everything that we buy. Like you with your dog, I have saved a fortune over the years and have had hardly any trouble with electrical equipment.

AAaaaaarrrrhh.....what have I done? Something is bound to happen now.....

24-Nov-06, 19:35
It is a difficult one as it's one of those things (like all insurance policies) that you hope you are not going to need but boy is it handy if you do!!!

What usually causes higher bills are injuries and for dogs, especially large ones, this can come to a fair few thousand.
So I think I would rather be safe than sorry.

I would never bother with extended warranties as I think they are a waste of money.

I forgot to say that Petplan were excellent and settled the claim quickly and efficiently. If I remember rightly the excess I had to pay was only 100.
I worked out that the 3,000 which was paid out more than covered my premiums.

Benjy still hasn't learned his lesson and still jumps up at the door!

29-Nov-06, 20:10
Both my dogs are insured now, I wish i had done it earlier Tika my akita shepherd cross went off her food which isn't unusual as she is a terribly fussy eater but she lost 10kg and it wasn't looking good, An x-ray, blood test and a few small packs of tablets soon came to 250 & wer'e still none the wiser whats up apart from a high temp, The only thing that bugs me is the minimum claim is 50 & most antibiotic packs etc are just under that, Im with healthy pets & gold cover but hopefully i wont need it, I do feel more comfortable with them insured though

29-Nov-06, 20:50
I have my dog insured with Sainsburys and have claimed with no problems and not that expensive

29-Nov-06, 23:13
I have my dog insured and have claimed over 1000 pounds due to skin problem

29-Nov-06, 23:51
I have my dog insured and have claimed over 1000 pounds due to skin problem

boxer I keep looking at your posts thinking you are me lol are you my hubby lol

03-Dec-06, 00:54
I have both my dogs insured with pinnacle they even send you a voucher back every year (although i paid for it anyway its nice to get something back eh) which pays for their booster jabs very handy . local vet recommended them at the time. Have made various claims and all has gone smooth as it should.