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23-Nov-06, 17:32
As it's getting frosty now here is a quick tip to keep your outdoor water bottles from freezing up. Cover them with an old sock and only 3/4 fill them. Remember to check them every morning just incase your nozzle has frozen up.

24-Nov-06, 09:44
Thats a really good tip. Keep them coming. Its great to get advice from a rabbit breeder.

24-Nov-06, 12:04
Thanks for that tip. I was just thinking about them the other night and wondering what to do to keep them from freezing.

24-Nov-06, 12:14
A nice treat for them at this time of year is oatmeal and tealeaves, and it's a good use for your used teabags. Just make sure you take teabag out of cup before adding milk and sugar.