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17-Jan-05, 14:27
Is anyone researching this family ... James Durrand and Donaldina Webster?
dates about 1890 - 1965 lived in Kinnaird Street Wick.

I have done some research which may be helpful.
Would be happy to share with you.

elizabeth forbes
12-Feb-05, 14:18
Re: Durrand / Webster in my family tree:- Who do do want to know about James or Dolina

elizabeth forbes
04-Mar-05, 18:00
Hi SD ,
James / Dolina m.1913,
James f.William Mackintosh Durrand ,m Charlesina Sinclair
Dolina f.James Webster, m Jamesina Sutherland
Children 5 Boys,2 Girls
Jamesb Durrand b.1914 Jamesina Sutherland Durrand b.1918
John Webster Durrand b. 1921 Henrietta Finlayson Durrand b. 1922
William Budge Durrand b. 1924
John Webster Durrand b. 1921
Alexander Durrand b.1923
This is all I have on Dolina, hope it is of some use
Regards Elizabeth Forbes

Heather Pennell
08-Sep-09, 13:34
Hi Trinkie - have just joined forum so have looked back at Durrand listings. My grandfather (John George DURRAND) was born in Wick 1896 & immigrated to Aust in 1930's. I have copy of death registration of the James you are talking about, listing his wife as Dolina Webster but it lists his parents as James Durrand & his mother as Jessie Durrand nee Finlayson. I am having a bit of trouble trying to figure his connection out with my grandfather because Jessie (his mother) was living with his family in 1901 with an illiegitmate son (I presume) James D Finlayson (1889-1954) & Jessie was sister to my grandfather's mother Henrietta Finlayson. I am presuming again that his named changed to James (Finner) Finlayson DURRAND when he married Donaldina(Dolina) Webster in 1913. So I don't know if his father was also my grandfather's father - James Green DURRAND (1856-1924)

08-Sep-09, 13:53
Hi Heather,

I'm hoping Elizabeth will reply as she knows more about the Durrand connection.

Good luck