View Full Version : Mackay Clan website

25-Apr-02, 10:54
I have had a Mackay Clan website for over a year now so I thought I'd post up the address here if any Mackay's want to contact distant relatives.

I have been surprised by the response of my site and the wide range of people around the world who have emailed me or signed my guestbook looking to fit pieces into their family tree. These people are from Canada, USA, New Zealnd, Australia, Caithness etc.

It has links to every Mackay Clan site in the world including a Swedish one, plus a chatroom, guestbook and beautiful pictures of The Mackay country.

The address is http://www.mackayclan.btinternet.co.uk/

Please visit it and let me know what you think and see if you can find your long lost relatives. :)