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If you have links to WATTEN in late 1600 and 1700, especially names SUTHERLAND CORMACK PETRIE NICHOLSON to name a few, have a look at the following info which is posted on this Caithness.org site under Family History - Genealogy Links.(http://www.caithness.org/links/geneaology.htm)
as follows:

20 April 2004
From W M (Bill) Sutherland
in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The Sutherlands, of Watten Parish, - descended from William Sutherland
(b abt 1685 - ) of Watten Parish, Caithness Co., Scotland, grandfather to Mary Sutherland (b 1750 - ), Josiah Sutherland (b 1759 - ) and Peter Sutherland (b 1761 - d 1823). All were born in Watten Parish. Peter Sutherland died in Clyde River, NS, Canada. Contact addresses included in Website: http://www3.telus.net/kamuwija/default.htm
5 November 2004 - Update
This is to advise the semi-annual update of the Sutherland Family Tree is now completed and posted on the Internet. If you should have any marriages, births, deaths, links, etc., to report, to be recorded in the Sutherland Family Tree, kindly advise me at [email protected] and I will happily ensure they are recorded in the next update in the spring of 2005.

The Peter Sutherland b 1761 is a large file. Peter went to Nova Scotia so his story is mainly overseas.
The Josiah Sutherland b 1759 is 26 pages - incs Nicholson Craig Symon Bremner & others from Caithness. Now in Scotland, England and Australia.

The line of Mary Sutherland b 1750 is mine.21 pages. Mary married twice 1. Donald Petrie 2. Magnus Cormack. Other Caithness names include MORE, JOHNSTON, COUPER, WILLIAMSON, SIMPSON, SMITH, MURRAY & OTHERS. Part of the Cormack family are now in Australia.
Please contact me if you find any links to your research or can give me any alterations.

I am Patricia MORE born in Wick. [email protected]
Happy to exchnage info.