View Full Version : Hot News! Sadam escapes!

09-Nov-06, 21:06
Have you heard yet about the Great Escape?

News has just come through which may cause Bush and Blair some anguish, unless it is has been planned in secret.

Sadam H it seems has escaped, and is evading recapture but a Spokesman from the White House says, "We're right behind him".
Downing Street said "We're following events with interest".


Maybe they want to shoot him "while trying to escape"? Could that be the 'Allies' "escape route"?

Tiger Jones
09-Nov-06, 22:37
That is brilliant! http://www.hibs.net/message/images/smilies/rotflmao.gif

10-Nov-06, 22:16
Good one Kingetter.:D

Cedric Farthsbottom III
10-Nov-06, 22:33
Yev made ma day wi that Kingetter........CRACKER!!![lol] [lol]