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09-Nov-06, 21:02
Modern life makes unfair demands on women and men but especially on men.
It's not surprising that more and more of us are getting stressed out.
How could it be otherwise with no welcoming woman at the hearthside, no lovingly poured Scotch when I get in the front door - There's nobody to help me off with my waders when I come home from fishing, nobody to insert my feet into slippers that have been warming by the fire place.
I see this posting has slipped into the first person singular.
Well that's not surprising. When's the last time a loving female presence served me up lamb chops and mint sauce? When did last I find a hot water bottle in my bed.
Where is she? Where is my wife?
In New Orleans writing about the medical problems caused by Hurricane Katriona, that's where.
If she wants problems she could start by making my life a little easier. Charity begins at home! Not in some bistro amidst the bayous in Louisiana!
But one video is worth a thousand words.

So, without more ado:



09-Nov-06, 22:16
Highly amusing I thought and a shame its relegated to the back burner.

16-Nov-06, 13:42
:roll: postings like that can get you barred from the pub & the tea shoppe and if herself's away you may need the services of both.:lol: