View Full Version : Chippy smells of chips complaint

08-Nov-06, 09:50
A West Yorkshire chip shop owner is being investigated after a complaint that his shop smells of fish and chips.
Owner of New Scarborough Fisheries in Wakefield, Steve Morton, was asked to check the odour extraction system was working properly after the complaint.
A spokeswoman for Wakefield Council said the authority was obliged to investigate the matter.

So what does your chip shop smell of?

08-Nov-06, 15:28
Well what else is a fish & chip shop ment to smell off? :roll:

Cedric Farthsbottom III
08-Nov-06, 22:30
My local chippy smells............DELICIOUS!!!Its the vinegar against the newspaper that does it.Ye cannae bet a chippy!!!......Pickled Onions....mmmmmmmmmm:lol: