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03-Nov-06, 20:27
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George W. Bush and Tony Blair are sitting in the oval room of the White House, discussing their recent plans for War on the East.

Amidst discussions, Mrs. Bush walks into the room, carrying a tray of Tea and biscuits.

Mrs. Bush asks them

"What are you talking about fellers?"

George W. sits looking smug and begins to explain his plans.

"Well, we are going to go to war with the east. We have a plan we think will work" he says.

"Using our own special weapons of destruction, We're going to kill 10,000,000 muslims and 1 dentist."

Mrs. Bush looks puzzled

"Why are you going to kill a dentist??" she asks.

Tony jumps from his seat and exclaims:

"See, I told you the plan was flawless! I told you no-one would ask about the Muslims!"