View Full Version : Post Editing

02-Nov-06, 13:13
Hi, can anyone please tell me how to edit a post?

footie chick
02-Nov-06, 13:15
When you go back and look at the post there is an edit button but you only get so long to do that not sure how long.

02-Nov-06, 13:29
Thanks, I'll give it a try.

02-Nov-06, 13:35
Hi Footie chick. Do you know where the edit button is? I couldn't see it anywhere.

Niall Fernie
02-Nov-06, 13:40
it should be at the bottom right of your post, its only there for 2 days after the time of posting if I remember correctly after which point you'll have to contact an admin/mod for help.

02-Nov-06, 13:46
Oh thanks, that will be why its not there! Never mind, it's not important!