View Full Version : Lupin seeds

14-Oct-06, 15:52
Have collected some and was wondering how and when or even if you can try and grow these

14-Oct-06, 16:10
Yes you can plant these but even if the original flowers were various colours, they will possibly revert to the original blue.

14-Oct-06, 16:17
When would be the best time to plant them Anne?:D

14-Oct-06, 16:25
Lupines are perennial, plant them now in an indoor pot and give it as much sunlight as possible over the winter, then plant outdoors in permanent location when last frost is done. Or you could just sow seed in springtime, but you might not get flowers in summer.
Havent had much luck with lupines, but I love them and keep trying.

14-Oct-06, 16:30
I agree with HT; plant them now and you have more chance of flowers in the summer as they usually don't flower until the following year. I have loved lupins since I was a little girl; they were in our primary school garden and made a lovely hedge to shelter more delicate plants.
Good luck CP!

14-Oct-06, 16:32
Thanks wil give them a try.Just need to find space in the garden[lol]

14-Oct-06, 17:23
Try them in a tray on the windowsill, if you havent got a greenhouse.

14-Oct-06, 17:44
Thanks will plant them tomorrow.:D

10-Nov-06, 19:34
I collect mine too. I find them hard to germinate. I planted about 30 seeds last year but only a few came and then the frost got them even though they were in a cold frame. I was told to nick the seeds with a sharp knife before planting them or soak them in water??