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13-Oct-06, 13:18
I planted Maris Piper seed potatoes. Some in the ground and some in pots etc. I lifted the pots and they looked perfect but they went to mush when they were cooked. The ones in the ground are still there and the stalks have almost rotted away. The ones in pots were lifted when they had just turned yellow. Could I have lifted them too early or were they the wrong type to boil. Any ideas?;)

14-Oct-06, 20:01
If they were firm when you picked them then it sounds like you may simply have over boiled them. Some varieties are better for baking or chips. I find this sometimes happens with a floury variety as opposed to a more waxy spud which seems to stand up to boiling better. You could try boiling them in their skins and peel them after you take them out.

17-Oct-06, 10:17
I tried boiling them again but same thing but your right about baking them, totally different. I only hope the ones in the ground are still ok, I will have to get them lifted.

17-Oct-06, 13:47
Sweetpea,you have to be very careful when you cook this type of potato as it easily turns to mush.I'm sorry to say the ones in the ground will be exactly the same.Cook them gently and then finish them off by more or less steaming them.
There lovely for home made chips or roasting.:)

30-Nov-06, 12:26
does anyone know how the Wilja variety does for growing in Caithness? in particular the JO'G area?