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10-Mar-02, 18:10
Hello, Im have found on the 1881 census that my gg grandfather James Nicol was listed as the hotel keeper of the Bridge Street hotel in wick. Could anyone tell me if this hotel is still there?

Also it seems that there was also a farm in the family as James' father and also his son were born there and his son was listed as the owner in the 1891 census. I assume it was a dairy farm as one of the servants was listed as a dairymaid. Any information on Rockhill Farm would be much appreciated as I can find no information on either of these properties.


Catherine [para]

10-Mar-02, 20:12
Hope this is a help- Bridge St. Hotel I think was called the Station Hotel towards the end of its time as a hotel. It is now called The Riverside Nursing Home for the elderly.

Rockhill Farm is on the outskirts of Wick, on the south road, A99, up on the left hand side, about half a mile or so out of the town.

10-Mar-02, 20:23
Hello Sonya,

Thank you very much for replying to my request. I can now try to find some more information on these places. On the Miller web site that is linked on this webpage there is a picture of the Station Hotel in about 1960 so this is great to know the building is still there, also that the farm is still functional, I hope.

Thanks again for info.

Catherine. :grin:

10-Mar-02, 20:24
There are pictures of the hotel on - Wick, A to z of streets, Bridge Street Buildings and Shops pages 1 & 2. The farm is still a working farm as far as I know.

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10-Mar-02, 20:43
Hi Sonya

Thank again, Ive had a look at the photos, I didnt realise it was so big. Gona try to find som info on the farm now.

Catherine :Razz

10-Mar-02, 22:49
Hi Catherine

Glad to be have helped. Good luck with your search.


Sonya :grin:

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17-Mar-02, 18:44
You may be interested in the site http://www.old-maps.co.uk, you put in a present day post code and it produces a 19th century map of where the post code now is. (To find the post code go to http://www.royalmail.co.uk.) The post code for Rockhill Farm is KW1 5TP, if you enter that on the old maps site you will see a map of the area in 1877 which has Rockhill farm marked and you can zoom in on it. I expect the post code for the nursing home would give a 19th century map of the hotel.