View Full Version : Tree art, will the tree survive?

08-Oct-06, 19:08
May be a bit off the wall this and not really classed as general "gardening" but do you think my tree will start sprouting new shoots next spring? I hope so as it would be a shame to have totally killed it. It's / was a sycamore.



08-Oct-06, 19:18
Wow that is great, where are they and who did them:D

08-Oct-06, 19:26
Wow that is great, where are they and who did them:D

Hi Changilass, it's the same tree but taken from different angles. My friend and I carved her out with chainsaws, he was up for a few days.... the hands still have to be chiselled and sanded a bit and then it's just a case of waiting to see if any new growth will sprout of it next year (I hope so). Where? Brackside.

08-Oct-06, 19:28
Another angle


09-Oct-06, 00:17
I like this! Saw a lot of chainsaw art in Nova Scotia and found them intriguing.

09-Oct-06, 02:52
Absolutely gorgeous. It will take a wee while before it sprouts tho, couple of :D years

The Big Fish
09-Oct-06, 03:48
Nice job and if I may suggest a money making scheme to you (going on the last thread re the Tore round about) why not offer it to Transerve as the new direction sign to the roundabout at Tore.

Im guessing a bit but you may have to wait a year or 2 for new shoots which may come from low down the tree, you also run the risk of killing the main tree through rotting from inside your through cuts. You could seal them with a wax type preserve.

Love the idea is it original? :confused

09-Oct-06, 11:23
You could offer your services as a chainsaw artist! I'm sure there are several people who are left with tree stumps and it would be good to see this sort of thing done rather than getting rid of them altogether. (Which, according to some posts, is very difficult)