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Humerous Vegetable
07-Oct-06, 14:59
Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to grow oak in Caithness? I haven't seen any up here, but there is a small, miserable-looking one outside the toilets in Lairg. (I don't know whether it's miserable because of the toilets or the climate) I have some acorns I'd like to try, but don't know whether it's worth it.

07-Oct-06, 15:09
You can grow oaks in Caithness, I have several. Some bought in containers, and grown quite a few from acorns, acquired on my travels. It takes patience, but well worth the effort.

07-Oct-06, 18:46
Scunner - what a great idea. Did you have to soak the acorns first, or do anything special to them ?
I have about twenty trees in pots.. including a wonderful Weeping Silver birch, which has been in the pot for almost 30years !

Have you read The Man Who Planted Trees ? I'm sure you would enjoy it.

It's by Jean Giono....

I must try the acorns,

07-Oct-06, 19:05
I put them into some damp compost. Some sprouted quite soon, others took up to a year. I still have one, and i'm hoping someday it may sprout.