View Full Version : spring flowering bulbs

04-Oct-06, 21:36
Anyone planted any bulbs yet? Daffs, tulips, crocus

05-Oct-06, 03:46
I've got daffs planted in pots, they are stored in the shed until March or so. Never had any luck with crocus, but they are so pretty, I keep trying LOL

05-Oct-06, 22:53
I tried crocuses in a lawn once but they took a few years before I got a good display. I've got daffs in pots and hyacinths for xmas, hopefully. :D

Mother Bear
06-Oct-06, 10:31
Yes,, have a load of daffs, narcissus, hyacynths,aconites,mini-tulips and chionadoxa to plant in 5 half-barrels which have had summer plants in them....some still in flower so haven't the heart to pull them out yet! Have an azalea, spirea, and acer in the centre of these tubs, and will plant the spring bulbs around them. I plan to put the daffs in a long border for a stunning display..hopefully! I have the rabbit fence in position so the daff bulbs are protected. I love to see massive displays of daffodils along the roadsides...I know you shouldn't wish your life away, but I am looking forward to spring already!! But, having said that, I do love the autumn too, a sort of tidy-up time in the garden. I must try and not be too tidy tho' as it is advised to leave plenty of hiding places for all the wee creatures over the winter. Quite a few flowers still having a second show tho'....roses in particular, and grass is still growing but remains too wet to mow. I have a kerria flowering now, instead of waiting for spring,..daisies are still around! Still lots of butterflies around too which is lovely. What other 'unusuals' are happening in other folks gardens??
Enough waffling!..back to work...in the garden!