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03-Oct-06, 20:39
I was just wondering is the signature the bit that appears under the line when you post? I've seen some good quotes etc and just wondered if that's what they are.:confused

Tiger Jones
03-Oct-06, 21:48
That's right, sweetpea. The signature shows under your post. You can insert your own by going to your User Control Panel (User CP button near top left of page) and then click on Edit Signature in the menu on the left.

03-Oct-06, 22:43
Thanks Tiger Jones! if it wasn't for people like you I'd be in the dark cause I'm a technophobe but getting better by the day. You helped me with my keyboard before.:D

Tiger Jones
03-Oct-06, 23:02
No problem, sweetpea. Keep it up with your technophobia therapy :D

No question is ever too basic so don't be afraid to ask. Someone will supply the answer.

04-Oct-06, 17:13
Sweetpea, the thing to bear in mind is that even the most brilliant genius and the most skilled expert learned by counting on their fingers and reading words by sounding out the letters at some stage in their lives.
I agree with Tiger Jones, if you don't know then ask, because there are bound to be others who will be happy to have the same question answered as well.

24-Feb-07, 15:30
Tiger Jones and Jaws,thank goodness there are knowalageables like yous' about to cater for thickos like me...:confused