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18-Sep-06, 17:11
OK, we each add a line or so to the story:cool:

It was a wet and windy morning, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up under the duvet, the alarm clock went off and I sleepily got up and went downstairs to put the kettle on...................................

18-Sep-06, 17:15
at the same time I turned the tap on in the sink to do the dishes from the night before. I went upstairs to make the bed up. Got that done to come down to find the kitchen flooded "Its going to be one of those days" I thought to myself, I fetched the mop and..............

18-Sep-06, 21:46
started to clean up the mess. The doorbell rang and I put the mop down. I opened the door, nobody was there, however a small parcel was on the door step. I bent down and ...............

18-Sep-06, 21:48
my trousers made a nasty riiiiiip sound, in my fright I jumped forward and stood on the box.......

19-Sep-06, 00:45
aaargh!watch ma box,fool.hissed the voice which could only have come from a native of those craggy caithnesian clifflined shores.

19-Sep-06, 10:45
Sorry, I replied, feeling rather stupid because I couldn't actually see anyone. On closer inspection and to my surprise I saw a ........

19-Sep-06, 13:13
...small white piece of paper with something written on it. I slowly picked it up and begin reading the message written neatly on it in red biro....

20-Sep-06, 00:04
*Meet me at the Cliff Cafe at 3pm*

20-Sep-06, 09:22
I picked up the box, looked inside and to my amazement there was a ........

20-Sep-06, 12:35
bunch of red roses, their petals were velvety and the smell wafting from the box was exquisite............

20-Sep-06, 23:54
but i couldn't put the roses in a vase because all the petals were loose in the box so i set them in a bowl on the coffee table instead. . .

21-Sep-06, 09:19
I read the note again several times. Should I go to the cafe at 3pm? I'll think about it nearer the time, plenty to do just now. Thinking about the little voice I heard I started to laugh aloud, I must be going mad! Then .....

Big Jean
22-Sep-06, 03:31
out of the corner of my eye, I saw a strange little man heading into town but he was walking in the middle of the road. He walked with a limp, and in his hand he carried ........

24-Sep-06, 02:53
.........a petrol container. There was no car around and he must have walked a long way as he was limping..........................

Big Jean
24-Sep-06, 19:14
quite badly . Where was his car ? Was he going to the Cafe ? It was close to 3 pm, the time the note said to meet , but why the petrol container ? Was he up to no good and who was he going to meet ? He still had quite a long way to walk as the Cafe was in the next village !

24-Sep-06, 21:48
I put on my coat and collected my car keys and jumped in the car. I drove down the road and when I got to the little man I asked him though my open window if he needed any help. He looked at me and smiled, "you could give me a run to the Cliff Cafe I've to be there at 3pm, just like you" but how did he know...............

Big Jean
24-Sep-06, 22:25
that I had received a note telling me to go to the Cliff Cafe at the same time he was to be there ! Did he send the note to me I wondered ? I felt a shiver down my spine ! I didn't know who he was, and I had never seen him before !

24-Sep-06, 22:48
I was really scared and drove off at high speed, but feeling guilty at leaving the poor limping man.........

Big Jean
24-Sep-06, 23:46
alone on the road ! I looked back but he just kept limping along . I knew I would see him soon at the Cafe, but at least there would be other people around - or would there be ????????????????

25-Sep-06, 09:21
When I arrived at the Cliff Cafe I sat at a table. There was only one other person sitting drinking coffee, a man, who looked very like..............

25-Sep-06, 09:25
Golach, but a bit younger. Hmm, i thought, I wonder what he's doing here?

25-Sep-06, 09:31
But after a second look, it was not Golach, but another Orger much uglier and

25-Sep-06, 09:34
His shoes were on the wrong feet!! He stood up and walked towards me. Hello, he said, my name's....

25-Sep-06, 13:11
not important. I'm glad you could come. Surprised I arrived here before you? Yes I thought you were going to offer me a lift but you seemed to take fright. Anyway, the reason ...............

Big Jean
25-Sep-06, 17:14
...I wanted you to meet me here, is that I have a very important bit of news to tell . I was told by one of the villagers, you would keep this secret until the right time came to reveal it . Even though I might look and act a little strange to some folk, I am harmless . You must promise me you will keep this news to yourself for now . What I have to tell you is this !

28-Sep-06, 00:38
He looked cautiously around him to make sure there was no staff around to hear. Once he knew it was safe he told me . . . .

28-Sep-06, 12:22
"Frank told me that you were the only person who could help me with this.." then a shot rang out and he slowly slumped down...

28-Sep-06, 12:56
He held a piece to paper in his hand with my name on it and I took the paper and slipped it into my pocket. Lots of people came rushing round, someone shouted "call an ambulance". I quietly left the cafe in all the commotion and opened the paper...............

28-Sep-06, 14:31
Just as I started to read the first word, an almighty blast of Caithness wind came round the corner, and the bit of paper disappeared.....

29-Sep-06, 06:52
I stood and watched it flutter higher and higher. And then out of the blue, a giant bird swooped down and grabbed the paper in its beak. A horrible, haunting laugh rang out. It sounded like it came from the bird...

Cedric Farthsbottom III
01-Oct-06, 00:21
....The bird laughed,it had just read the bit o' paper,it was a joke from grantyg...."What is the difference between an orange and an elephants bum?"

04-Oct-06, 22:47
the giant bird was really a man in a costume hanging from a crane, desperate to get the piece of paper..............

06-Oct-06, 12:46
To see if grantyg's joke had the answer on it, i ran frantically down the street looking to see where the giant man in a bird costume had gone to, just then....................

06-Oct-06, 13:39
I tripped, fell over flat on my face and saw a pair of giant bird like feet in front of me - I slowly started to get up and the bird man thing was standing over me, he held out his wing and ..........................

06-Oct-06, 14:01
Said, "come with me, we'll track down Cedric to share the answer about an orange and an elephant's bum, as it's too rude for an innocent creature like me to tell you". so off we went in search of cedric, who was found to be.......

06-Oct-06, 14:57
hiding under a gooseberry bush! What are you doing there Cedric she/he asked ........."Im waiting for the org police to come and take me away haha hehe hoho" Cedric decided it wasnt worth it and changed his mind "Im going to turn over a new leaf" he thought..............No!!!!!.....cried.........

08-Oct-06, 19:35
the bird man now we will never know the punch line and the dreaded secret will never be revealed then ........................................

Big Jean
09-Oct-06, 15:35
how will we ever learn why the Orger wore his shoes on the wrong feet or who the person was I met at the Cliff Cafe ? There are so many questions still to be answered !

18-Oct-06, 02:50
They decided that maybe they would find the answer on google....

Big Jean
18-Oct-06, 03:37
What a good idea ! Off they went to the computer when at that very moment, there was a power cut ! The only thing you could see were candles in windows and the stars in the sky ! It was so dark outside . I guess there won't be an answer tonight !