View Full Version : docks?

17-Sep-06, 10:47

Anybody know how to get rid of docks?

as in docking leaves..

Thanks for any help given!


17-Sep-06, 12:23
its like the 7 dwarf's song - dig, dig, dig, the whole day long - try and remove all the root, and dont be like me years ago, put the spade through the roots and break them up, as its more dockans, dockans and even more dockans. Seriously, digging them out is quite effective, or weedkiller right in the centre of the bunch.

happy gardening

17-Sep-06, 21:11
Things like docks and dandy lions need harsh treatment. Every time you boil tatties or veg drain the salty brine over the roots. Works a treat!:D

18-Sep-06, 09:02

thanks for those suggestions i will try both..
whats the best way to dig them out?

18-Sep-06, 10:00
Maybe use a fork, or grape as known in caithness, as a spade might cut into the roots. dig deep and gently.

20-Sep-06, 16:19
would boiling salty water do the trick? pouring it into the stem of the dock?

20-Sep-06, 16:24
Yes don't see why not, it's the same thing. I just do it with my tatties cause it's what I've always done no other reason:D

23-Sep-06, 10:11
yeah thought so.. tried it.. seems to be making the docs and other weed go black.. will find out after i cut the grass...

see if they grow back in after time...

hope not...

24-Sep-06, 10:50
try and get as much of the visible weed out first especially with docks and dandelions so the root is exposed in the ground ( You know how the root usually breaks and you can see the rest of it in the ground) then pour the liquid down.

25-Sep-06, 10:56
If they are turning black, the treatment is making an impact.

26-Sep-06, 18:10
thought that! do you think cold salty water would work? rather than boiling water?

26-Sep-06, 21:26
dont know about the salty water thing - just remember being told that the water from the tatties poured onto weeds between paving stones worked.

A weedkiller gel painted onto the leaves also works quite well

George Baron, one of the first presenters of The Beechgrove Garden method was to mix up weedkiller in a bucket. Rubber glove on hand, cover with a woolly sock, plunge hand into bucket, the one with the glove and sock on, rub over weeds and hey presto, week killer applied.

08-Oct-06, 19:55
will the salt water work on thistles as well ?