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08-Sep-06, 20:08
I posted a thread on here selling something and it has been sold now. i just wondered if the threads are removed after a certain time or can we delete the threads that we make?:(

martin macdonald
08-Sep-06, 20:18
click on to your triangle on the right top side and let the folkes no,then it will be removed:D

Colin Manson
09-Sep-06, 06:42
I've just edited the text on the report post page to make things clearer, it now reads.

Note: This is may be used to report :

* Sold items or posts that are no longer required.
* Anything that breaks the forum rules. (Spam, advertising, swearing etc)
* Problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Hopefully that information along with the instruction from Martin will make it easier for everyone.

The Triangle looks like this http://forum.caithness.org/images/buttons/report.gif

We do delete posts that haven't been replied to for 3 months but it's quicker and easier for us if you report the post. :D


09-Sep-06, 11:20
Thanks Colin, very helpful.

09-Sep-06, 14:40
Perfect! thanks v. much