View Full Version : Reputation

05-Sep-06, 11:05
Hi,is there any way to be able to view all of the comments in your rep, other than just the last 5? I only just discovered it and would like to read them all.

Niall Fernie
05-Sep-06, 11:16
Sorry, the last 5 is the limit.

05-Sep-06, 11:55
Thanks, well now that I know they are there, I will have to keep a better check on them. Just out of curiousity, why only the five?

05-Sep-06, 14:08
How come those posters who opt out of the reputation system can still effect the rep of those still in it? If they opt out then it should be that they are out altogether?:confused

05-Sep-06, 15:44
Well I can't speak for other 'opt-outees' but I don't think I have given any reps since we were allowed to opt out of the system.