View Full Version : what am i doing

30-Aug-06, 14:33
when i put something on to sell on the org why do i get a lilac envelope with a white arrow through it?and a tick at the other corner,am i doing something wrong? hope you can help. thanks.

31-Aug-06, 08:56
Hi, Fudge100.

If you scroll right down to the bottom of the page you will see that all of these icons have a different meaning. You aren't doing anything wrong - the blue box with the arrow indicates that you have posted in that thread and the tick indicates that you have subscribed to that thread. They are just markers for your info. :)

Niall Fernie
31-Aug-06, 09:29
usually if you hover your mouse pointer over the icon, it will tell you what its for.

01-Sep-06, 13:52
thanks for info, now i can relax.