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24-Aug-06, 12:54
Hi can anyone tell me how to add a photo to a post ? cheers :)

Tiger Jones
24-Aug-06, 14:03
To insert a photo, you'd first need to upload it to a hosting site such as;


There are many such places but that's the one I use. It's completely free, by the way.

Once your pic is uploaded, get its file properties by right-clicking with your mouse. Select Properties, and where it says 'Location' highlight the address and copy it. Come back to your post and click on the yellow icon above the input window (it's meant to look like a landscape picture). Paste the address you copied into there and click OK or press return.

There's also the attachment option whereby you can upload from the web or your own computer. The only thing is, it shows as a thumbnail (smaller version) but when a user clicks on it they can view it at the original size.

Attachments are accessed by way of the icon that resembles a paper clip. Clicking that will bring up the dialogue where you can select your pic. Once uploaded, click the attachment icon again and insert the chosen photo.

I hope this all makes sense lol.

Tiger Jones
24-Aug-06, 14:21
OK I see you already found out how before I posted my reply.

Oh well - maybe it will help someone else ;)

caithness import
24-Aug-06, 17:14
yep it helped, thanks