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03-Sep-04, 19:14
Anyone related to, or remember a Cameron Sutherland who was a road surveyor for Caithness County in the 1940's and 50's? (Possibly from the upper Lybster area.)
Thanks, H

02-Feb-05, 12:20
I remember him well . He used to come to my granfathers place at Cairnroich ,near Lybster when I was a kid. I believe he was a Major in the army.Lots of people would know him as he probably only died in the late 60's. What do you need to know about him/ . I can ask my aunt who is in her late 80's and knew him well

03-Feb-05, 04:35
Thanks for your response John.

Cameron Sutherland was a relative of mine, and also cousin to Bessie Polson Cormack.

It would be lovely if you would ask your aunt. I guess I'm interested in the family history part, like did he marry and have children, what was his job for the county, where did he live....anything at all. Even what he looked like to see if there is a family resemblance.

Please email me at [email protected] or post a reply here if that is easier. Again, thank you for answering this post! -Helen

19-Mar-05, 17:46
Someone told me there was an old photo of Cameron Sutherland in the JOG Journal a few weeks back, with a group of councilors. The article was in Wickers World. I can read the article online, but canna get the picture. I don't see Cameron's name listed.

Does anyone have a copy of the paper, and see if he is there? Thanks, H